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Cognus Capital Invest requires a new age distributor, who can build a strong relationship with the clients. A CCI distributor should know how to manage the basket of financial products and to provide an easy access to the services.

At CCI, a distributor’s job is to provide the financial products to the clients as well as provide high elucidations to the clients in order to meet their requirements. A distributor also receives financial stability, when he becomes a CCI distributor as one can learn new and dynamic things while attaining a financial freedom.

Today, in India, the demand of financial product distributor is on a rise with very less competition. Thus, all the reasons make the financial products distribution highly manageable.

We believe in making distributor’s process not only rewarding, but also convenient and satisfying. At Cognus Capital Invest, we empower the community of our distributors by offering them customized, and instant assistance. We provide proper market insight and help our distributors in initiating sales and executing them efficiently.

As a CCI distributor, you will be provided with helpful Product & sales training, which is systematically designed to teach you to sell financial products in a professional manner.

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