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Kindly go through this Disclaimer and read it carefully and refer the website cognuscapitalinvest.com to gain more information. Cognuscapitalinvest.com is solely for the use of residential Indians, non-residential Indians and investors registered with Securities & Exchange Board of India. Investors should review/ read all the document(s) carefully and shall not interpret any content. Therefore, all the information that has been provided on www.cognuscapitalinvest.com whether financial, non-financial, taxation, and investment matters advises consulting a financial advisor for legal requirements as well as for other requirements.

Cognus Capital Invest is a financial products distributor that includes mutual funds, bonds, fixed deposits, equity, PMS, etc. The information available on the website can be changed without any notice. We do endorse the third party clients. We are not liable for any loss/damage that includes no limitation, consequential/ indirect data, loss of data, and connection with or the usage of Cognus Capital Invest.

We make every effort in keeping the website running smoothly. However, Cognus Capital Invest will not be liable/takes no responsibility for the website being unavailable on a temporary basis due to technical issues that are beyond our control.

By using www.cognuscapitalinvest.com any information described in Cognus Capital Invest/content provided on this website you agree to read & understand the Terms, and you agree to be bound by the same. Therefore, by using this website www.cognuscapitalinvest.com, you agree that

If in any case you disagree to be bound by these mentioned terms, then kindly do not use this website/information available on this website/ download any content/ images/ data in any manner.

Cognus Capital Invest is a financial product distributor and includes financial products such as mutual funds, PMS, bonds, direct equity, ETFs, fixed deposits, debentures, etc. However, it distributes these financial products but is not bound to the products. The distributors that are collaborated with CCI also known as the sub-distributors of Cognus Capital Invest and offer the distribution of financial products which this website offers.

Cognus Capital Invest is a financial advisor and investment firm. We provide financial advice related to financial products as well as financial recommendations. All the advice that are provided by the advisor are not chargeable. CCI also has a direct as well as an indirect relationship with the investors.

CCI knows, understands, and follows all the guidelines of SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India)/ other regulatory authorities from time to time. The website www.cognuscapitalinvest.com has been registered under any jurisdiction of Udaipur (Rajasthan, India). If you use our website from any jurisdiction other than India, you are responsible for compliance with applicable local laws and Cognus Capital Invest, along with any of its agents, affiliates, directors, associates, and employees shall not be liable or responsible, in any matter whatsoever, pertaining to the same.

We have taken care of every information that has been provided on this website. However, we take no responsibility and does not guarantee of the errors, unavailability of any page, information, data, and form. CCI clearly states that it is not liable for any legal/ financial damage caused by interruption, defect, error, deletion, omission, failure. It holds no liability for any user on the account of the use/ information offered on his website. We do not endorse, warranty, represent, and guarantee the information / content provided on this website.

We are not liable for any information, software, service, feature, product, content, accuracy of any information, correctness, operation/ function, reliability, non-infringement fitness, usefulness for a particular purpose. Therefore, we are not responsible for any guarantees, representations, warranties, regarding the functionality, performance, accuracy of any software that have been used on this website. We attempt to provide true, accurate and genuine information to keep the customers, visitors and clients, up-to-date. The investors hold no right to publish the provided information on any other website, paper, or anywhere else.

Kindly note that you hold no right to undertake this website under any circumstances. You can not use our offered online service for the purposes that are unlawful, libellous, threatening, abusive, obscene, or prohibited by the terms and notices. The data/ information/substances provided on this website are for general purposes and are liable to change without any notice. This website is enlisted under the locale and can be utilized from any locale other than India. In conditions like this, you are responsible for the usage of this website and all the appropriate and suitable local laws will be applicable. Neither the director, its employees nor the affiliates, agents, and associates are liable or responsible in any matter.

All the information of the products that has been provided by Cognus Capital Invest is on a basis of a non-binding information and do not push to buy, sell or solicitate any offer/ service/ product to buy or sell. We do endorse real estate service in every manner. We do not promote/ approve/ support the advises/ content/ information provided by the third party on our website.

Any use of the data/ substance in this Website and any ventures and speculation related choices of the Investors are at the caution & risk of such person(s). There may be changes in the tax, legal and the administrations or monetary markets, which may unfavourably influence your interests in the financial products/ services. Your interests in the financial Products/Services may stand a danger of loss of money relying on the nature of the offered Financial Products or Services. The investors are advised to peruse the memorandum, offer document, prospectus, terms of any such Products or Services precisely before making any decision related to the investments.

Cognus Capital Invest and any of its partners, their chiefs, representatives and specialists acknowledge any obligation and/or risk or warrant or assurance the execution or productivity of the Products/Services nor do they warrant or insurance the profits and that the venture destinations of the Products/Services should be accomplished, whenever and in any way at all. We make no representations and/or guarantees and/or ensures, express or inferred, with respect to the exactness, culmination or unwavering quality of any data/substance, Software, Features, Products/Services provided on this Website www.cognuscapitalinvest.com, the Software or the Terms of Offer. Cognus Capital Invest holds all rights (counting copyrights, trademarks, licenses and also whatever other protected innovation rights as far as agreeability with necessary laws, rules, regulations and so forth as may be appropriate now and again) in connection with all data/substance on this Website (counting all writings, illustrations and logos). You may not duplicate, distribute, circulate or replicate any of the data contained on this Website in any structure without the earlier composed assent of Cognus Capital Invest.

All the terms that have been provided in this disclaimer are liable and & applicable. By using our website (www.cognuscapitalinvest.com), you agree that you have understood all the terms well and will follow every guideline that has been provided in this Disclaimer. Kindly note that no one including this website, its representatives, financial distributors, agents, employees and associates will not be blamed and will remain harmless in case of any damage.

Investments in Mutual Funds are subject to market risks. Thus, we give no assurance/ guarantee/ warranty of the succession of the provided/ offered/ introduced schemes. There are various forces & factors that may decide the performance of the Mutual Funds, and so it can affect the capital markets as well. To get more information about Mutual Funds and the schemes, kindly visit the Mutual Fund section, provided on our website and carefully read the offered document/ scheme information document. Kindly note that FD’s, debentures, loans, deposits, bond and the investment must be good on a financial level like bank, company, institution before making any decision on investing the capital. Cognus Capital Invest is not liable for the soundness of any company or any scheme. We take full responsibility for making all the information available related to fixed deposits, loans, debenture, bonds, or any other financial scheme. Kindly note that we don’t represent any company in any manner as Cognus Capital Invest is a financial product distributor a leading financial firm in he finance sector. We only represent our products that we offer and the services that we provide.

Cognus Capital Invest do not refer to information/ content/ products provided by third parties through hyperlinks and by other means. All the information that has been provided on the website is verified, however, if any of the information/ content/ data turn out to be not true that we are not liable for any damage neither we provide any guarantee of the accuracy, reliability, correctness of the information. All the data/ information/ data/ content/ images/ forms and all the material that has been provided on the website belong to Cognus Capital Invest and holds the copyright as well. Cognus Capital Invest holds all the rights which includes, trademarks, patents, copyrights, other intellectual property, rules & regulations that may be applicable time to time, laws, texts, graphics, logos, etc. You do not hold any authority to copy, reproduce, publish, and distribute any of the information which is available on the website in any form.

All these Terms that are described in this Disclaimer are administered by the laws of India, and the capable Courts of Udaipur holds the power of an exclusive jurisdiction in case of any dispute, which may emerge or identify with the usage of this Website. The Terms & Notices that are present on this website are severable. In case if any of the information is proven to be invalid or unenforceable, then the rest of the Terms might keep on being substantial and enforceable to the complete extent allowed by the law. We hold the right to change/modify the data/substance provided on or by means of our website, including all the Terms of this Disclaimer, whenever and without any notice. It is suggested that you read the data/substance gave on or by means of this Website, including the Terms, occasionally for changes. Further, if you continue using this website after the changes, then it will be implied that you agree to all the changes/ modifications that have been made. All the investors agree and recognize that Cognus Capital Invest might, whenever, at their sole caution, impart their individual data to any statutory/authoritative/legal powers or such other individual/substance as may be coordinated by such authorities/Laws and/or for guaranteeing consistency with any pertinent laws, as the case may be. Any references to 'you', 'your', "yours" "Financial distributor" are references to the person(s) visiting our Website. Any references to 'we', "our" and “us” are references to Cognus Capital Invest, the subsidiaries, our executives, officers, and any of the representatives.

The information provided in this disclaimer of this Website are combined and not select any solutions given by law. We hold the right to deny any client or Investor’s access to this Website, any intuitive administration, or any part of this Website, without notice and without being obligated or dependable, in any matter at all, for the same. If under any circumstances you feel that you are disappointed with any information/ products/ services/ content/ or any other substances of our website, or with any of these Terms, then the ultimate elucidation to your problems is to stop using this Website.

By utilizing www.cognuscapitalinvest.com including the content and the software described on this website, you agree that the use of the services is entirely at your own risk. We are not registered as an investment advisor and understand that there is a very high risk involved in trading various financial products. We are only registered as the financial products distributor.

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